• 2 Rods mainlake (If there are 10 anglers or less on then 3 rods can be used, Fishery manager will confirm this). 3 rods (Merlin lake)

  • The fishery is open from 8am - 5pm anyone caught climbing over the gate will be asked to leave. GATES MUST BE CLOSED AT ALL TIMES TO REDUCE THE RISK OF PREDATION. Anyone caught leaving the gates open will face an instant ban. 

  • We only allow a non-fishing wife/partner or son/daughter to stay over night.

  • Anyone wishing to view the lake must notify a member of staff so an appointment can be made. 

  • No Litter please- take all litter home with you - this includes cigarette ends and tea bags 

  • No fish are to be introduced or taken off site, all fish remain the property of merrington fishery, removal of fish is deemed as theft and will become a police matter- cctv footage will be used as evidence. Please don’t be aggrieved when asked to inspect your vehicle

  • No under 16s without an experienced fishing parent/guardian

  • No Tents or gazebos, only angling bivvies permitted. Also no umbrellas as these have flown into the lakes in windy conditions & costs us to get divers to retrieve them. 

  • No Dogs. 

  • Please respect the wildlife around the area, also no person is permitted to cut remove vegetation. 

  • Payment for fishing must be done prior to arrival & all sessions must be booked in advance via the fishery phone or via Facebook message! We take full payment payable via bank transfer or Paypal to secure the booking. 

  • If you look to move swims, please notify a member of staff before doing so.
  • Keep toilet and shower facilities as you found them.

  • No not under any circumstances damage or hang items off the fence.

  • Please ensure bivvies  are placed upon the swims and walking is kept to the footpath especially during wet conditions. 

  • The boat is for strictly not for use anyone seen doing so will be asked to leave.

  • We are in close contact with other fisheries around shropshire, so if you get banned from merrington then you can expect to be banned from them aswell. The other fishery owners will be contacted and your details passed on, as they will do for us! 
  • No guns/firearms on site (This will result in an instant ban).
  • The fishery gates must be closed at all times 


Care of fish 

  • Rods must not be left unattended in the water (EA rules state you must not be more than 3 meters from your rods)

  • No fish are to be kept in sacks or retainer slings.
    Leave them in landing nets to rest for a few minutes while sorting camera, unhooking mat and carp care.
    Do not leave fish in nets for long periods

  • All anglers must use the appropriate unhooking mats, weigh slings, & landing nets, water buckets provided on site, no others must be brought onsite preventing the spread of any diseases.

  • All of the equipment provided is your responsibility during your stay, do treat it as if it was your own and please make sure everything is cleaned off to a suitable standard. (Any damage to our equipment will need paying for in full)
  • When transporting fish from water to the mat make sure the landing net is rolled down ensuring fins are not crushed before lifting. (We also prefer the sling to be used when lifting fish from the water, especially larger fish)

  • Fish must always be transported from unhooking mats back to the water in slings  (not in your arms)

  • When photographing fish please do so over an unhooking mat kneeling down/not standing

  • Keep the fish wet at all times especially during the summer months buckets are on each swin. Don't use your own.

  • Please use carp antiseptic on all damage body & mouth. We recommend propolis. Carp care kit compulsory and sold onsite. 

  • Any fish estimated to be over 30lb please leave in landing net and ring Fishery manager/bailiff (providing a bailiff is on site) for photos and confmation. 


Tackle and Bait 

  • Barbless hooks only. Rigs will be checked during your stay.

  • No Keep nets/sacks/retainers allowed on site

  • Minimum strength line 15lb

  • No braided main line (Braided hook link is fine).

  • All nuts must be used just on the hook, No loose feeding, particals are ok however must be checked before use.

  • No fixed leads

  • Rigs must be safe with the lead able to eject if the fish gets snagged 

  • Maggots can be used between November 1st & March 1st But are limited to 2 pints per 24hrs. Anyone found abusing this rule will be banned & asked to leave immediately. Chopped worm is also fine.

  • No plastic baits including fake corn, maggot, foam.

  • Leadcore leaders are banned other types (example: safe zone leaders, leadless leaders or tubing) can be used.
  • Spomb floats must be used at all times. 
  • No Zigs, we have had fish foul hooked and coming in via their tails and fins (surface fishing is fine). 
  • No shelf life boillies to be used. Freezer bait only! (pop-ups, wafters are fine).


Care and respect for other anglers 

  • No excessive amounts of Alcohol (crates of beer is not acceptable. If you intend to drink heavily please don't even bother booking on Merrington.) you will be asked to pack away and leave, No drugs, swimming or fires

  • No bait boats or dinghies. Do not use the boat on site (this is for the the bailiffs use only)

  • antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, please keep noise to a minimum at all times.

  • Please talk to other anglers, there is more than enough water for everyone.
    Any boundary disputes will be sorted by fishery manager/bailiff. (DO NOT SHOUT ACROSS THE LAKE).

  • No high powered head torches or laser pens to be used.

  • Please ensure all alarms are turned down while setting rods.
  • All anglers must have a current/valid EA rod licence.
  • No swimming, paddling. 
  • The management reserves the right to inspect any vehicles or do rig checks at any time.