1. We operate a 10 mph speed limit on the farm lane as children live on site. Anyone caught exceeding that will be asked to leave without refund.
  2. The main fishery gate must be kept shut at all times, anyone seen leaving them open will be asked to leave. 
  3. Barbless hooks only on Main lake. Micro barbed are allowed on the other lakes. 
  4. 2 rods maximum on the Mainlake (3 rods if 5 or less anglers are on. Merlin 3 rods). 
  5. No leadcore.
  6. No fixed leads. (All rigs must be safe & must be able to loose the lead in the event of a line breakage).
  7. spomb floats must be used.
  8. Minimum 15lb mainline.
  9. No plastic or artificial baits.
  10. No zigs.
  11. Freezer baits only. 
  12. No nuts as loose feed. 
  13. All our nets, unhooking mats, slings, water buckets must be used, no others on site.
  14. Carp care antiseptic/propolis must be used by each angler. 
  15. Maggots can be used in the winter months Mainlake 4 pints & Merlin Lake 2 pints per 24hrs. (Nov-Feb only). 
  16. Respect all other anglers & swim boundaries. 
  17. Bivvies on peg areas only, please keep them off the grass. (No umbrellas as they have flown into the lakes in high winds, brolly systems are fine). 
  18. All bbq's must be raised off the ground. 
  19. All rubbish to be taken home with you.
  20. No dogs. 
  21. All fish estimated to be over 35lb please contact fishery management before removing from the net for photos & confirmation of weight. 
  22. All anglers to give the upmost care dealing with fish once landed. (We expect a certain standard when dealing with our fish, if in doubt call the fishery phone for assistance). 
  23. All fish must be left in landing nets for a minimum of 5 minutes to recover once landed. (Unhook the rig if possible).
  24. No acces to fishery before 8am 
  25. No guns/firearms/weapons. 
  26. Baitboats on lake exclusives only. 
  27. Only wives, husbands, partners are allowed.
  28. No children under 10 - due to our insurance cover 
  29. Anti-social behaviour or excessive drinking will not be tolerated here, please don't book on if you intend to act in this manner. 
  30. Toliets are on site to use (No excuse if not used for number 2's in our bushes/tree etc. Instant ban if this happens). 
  31. We co-operate with other fisheries within the area to make sure problem anglers can't fish here. (Anyone banned will have details passed on to other fisheries). 
  32. NO TAKEAWAY DELIVERIES  to the Fishery as the delivery drivers are constantly disturbing the houses along the Fishery lane in the evening. 
  33. These rules are here for a reason & are non negotiable, Anyone caught breaking them will be asked to leave without refund. 
  34. We accept no liability for any damages or losses of anglers property while visiting the fishery. 
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