Merrington Carp Fishery

Situated in North Shropshire and is set deep in the heart of unspoilt countryside away from noise allowing you to relax and enjoy your time with us. It is becoming one of Shropshire's premier day ticket water and offers 24hrs minimum tickets.

The mainlake is an 8 acre lake offers fishing for carp to well over 40lbs. 

We offer 15 large swims on the mainlake. 

Merrington Carp Fishery is situated in North Shropshire and is set deep in the heart of unspoilt countryside in extremely peaceful and tranquil surroundings allowing you to relax and enjoy your time away from the stresses of everyday life and work.
The 8 acre mainlake offers specimen carp fishing for all types of anglers!
Different pegs offer open water, bays, islands or reed lined margins that are only a short distance from the bank but still offer an excellent chance of a few carp gracing your net. Merrington mainlake is not for beginners and can be tough at times.

The Fishery

We run the lakes on a day ticket basis with strict booking/viewing policy just call and with a few simple steps you can be booked in and ready to fish!
The fishery is fully otter fenced and the gates must be closed at all times to reduce the risk of predation. Failure to do this will result in an instant ban.
The fishery has been well stocked with some of the best British carp in the country, Fishers pond & wellington country park fish have been stocked into the mainlake. 
The lakes now has a stocking program where we aim to introduce new fish every year.
Fishing can be challenging at times however the rewards are there if you get your tactics right and it is possible to catch several carp in 24hrs but that normally happens with the more experienced anglers. (Blanks can definitely be expected on the mainlake as it is not a runs water).
We have a stock of around 250 carp in the mainlake with 90% over the 20lb mark, the lake average is 24/25lbs.
The lake currently contains 40 known 30lb+ fish and 3 known 40lb fish.
Our current lake records standing at 42lb 14oz (Mirror) & 41lbs 8oz (Common) it should be interesting to see in the next year or two how many more creep over the 30lb bracket.
On site we have a number of facilities from bait, toilet and shower and quad tackle delivery service.
Local takeaways do deliver to the fishery gates but please no deliveries later than 7.30pm as they disrupt the houses up the farm lane & we have even had them driving across the farm fields
The lake is run on a day ticket basis & pegs slots run from 11.30am till 11am with a strict booking/viewing policy via the fishery phone or via facebook message, just give us a call and our onsite bailiffs will secure your booking.
If you haven’t visited us before, be sure to schedule in a session for this season, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Merrington carp fishery Facebook page and instagram (merrington_carp_fishery18)  is updated regularly with catch reports, pictures and latest news. 

ALCOHOL. If any angler intends to drink heavily during their stay, please don't even bother booking on!

Latest News

20th of may - lake record broken by Antony Lang with a 41lb 8oz common.

29th of may - lake record broken by Jake Farrell with a 42lb 14oz mirror. 

7th of June - New 40lb+ fish banked by Ewan Griffith taking the mainlake's total to 3 know 40's.