The Hayes Lake is our newest lake on the complex & will be opening in November 2021 for winter ticket holders alone & Spring 2022 for general bookings. 

2022 Lake exclusive bookings available from September 2021 & individual peg bookings from December 1st 2021 for April onwards. 

The lake is stocked with 185 stunning mirrors & commons with an average weight of 25/26lb & multiple 30's when open & is 6.2 acres in size. 

The fish stocked into The Hayes lake are young & full of potential for the future & have been supplied by John at Fishers pond fishery & Steve at White water fisheries. 

With this lake being left to settle for a year & stock fed daily it should produce some fantastic average weights immediately once opened. 

The margins & island are reed lined with a consistent depth of 7.5/8ft covering the lake. 
The bottom is clay, silt, hard gravel & each swim has plenty of underwater features to fish too.

It has one large island that is 65 meters long & will be fishable from various swims. 
We have also build 5 large gravel bars with over 200 tonnes forming these so they will be major feeding areas once opened. 

The lake has 4 x single swims & 3 x double swims that can be pre-booked. 

Prices will be £32.50 per 24hrs per angler with a minimum of 48hrs at weekends. 

Lake exclusive price £325 per 24hrs with a minimum of 48hrs at weekends. 

Hayes lake rules. 
  • We operate a 10 mph speed limit on the farm lane as children live on site. Anyone caught exceeding that will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Microbarbed hooks only. 
  • 2 rods maximum. 
  • No leadcore.
  • No fixed leads. (All rigs must be safe & must be able to loose the lead in the event of a line breakage).
  • spomb floats must be used.
  • Minimum 15lb mainline.
  • No plastic or artificial baits.
  • No zigs.
  • Freezer baits only. 
  • All our nets, unhooking mats, slings, water buckets must be used, no others on site.
  • Carp care antiseptic/propolis must be used by each angler. 
  • Maggots can be used in the winter months With a maximum of 2 pints per 24hrs. (Nov-Feb only). 
  • Respect all other anglers & swim boundaries. 
  • Bivvies on peg areas only, please keep them off the grass. (No umbrellas as they have flown into the lakes in high winds, brolly systems are fine). 
  • All bbq's must be raised off the ground. 
  • All rubbish to be taken home with you.
  • No dogs. 
  • All fish estimated to be over 30lb please contact fishery management before removing from the net for photos & confirmation of weight. 
  • All anglers to give the upmost care dealing with fish once landed. (We expect a certain standard when dealing with our fish, if in doubt call the fishery phone for assistance). 
  • All fish must be left in landing nets for a minimum of 5 minutes to recover once landed. (Unhook the rig if possible).
  • No guns/firearms/weapons. 
  • Baitboats on lake exclusives only. 
  • Only wives, husbands, partners or children as non-fishing guests are allowed. 
  • Anti-social behaviour or excessive drinking will not be tolerated here, please don't book on if you intend to act in this manner. 
  • Toliets are on site to use (No excuse if not used for number 2's in our bushes/tree etc. Instant ban if this happens). 
  • We co-operate with other fisheries within the area to make sure problem anglers can't fish here. (Anyone banned will have details passed on to other fisheries). 
  • NO TAKEAWAY DELIVERIES  to the Fishery as the delivery drivers are constantly disturbing the houses along the Fishery lane in the evening. 
  • These rules are here for a reason & are non negotiable, Anyone caught breaking them will be asked to leave without refund. 
  • We accept no liability for any damages or losses of anglers property while visiting the fishery.