The Hayes Lake is our newest lake on the complex & will be opening in Spring 2022. 

The lake is stocked with over 200 stunning mirrors & commons & is 6 acres in size. 

The fish stocked into The Hayes lake are young & full of potential for the future & have been supplied by John at Fishers pond fishery & Steve at White water fisheries. 

With this lake being left to settle for a year & stock fed daily it should produce some fantastic average weights immediately once opened. 

The margins & island are reed lined with a consistent depth of 7.5/8ft covering the lake. 
The bottom is clay, silt, hard gravel & each swim has plenty of underwater features to fish too.

It has one large island that is 65 meters long & will be fishable from various swims. 
We have also build 5 large gravel bars with over 200 tonnes forming these so they will be major feeding areas once opened. 

  1. Micro barbed hooks only. 
  2. 2 rods maximum (3 rods if 6 or less anglers on). 
  3. No leadcore.
  4. No fixed leads. (All rigs must be safe & must be able to loose the lead in the event of a line breakage).
  5. Minimum 15lb mainline.
  6. No plastic or artificial baits.
  7. No zigs.
  8. Freezer baits only.
  9. No Nuts as loose feed. 
  10. All particles & pellets must be bought from us to ensure quality feed is being used on the lake. 
  11. All our nets, unhooking mats, slings, water buckets must be used, no others on site.
  12. Carp care antiseptic/propolis must be used by each angler. 
  13. Maggots are limited to 2 pints per 24hrs (Nov-March only). 
  14. Respect all other anglers & swim boundaries. 
  15. Bivvies on peg areas only, please keep them off the grass. 
  16. All rubbish to be taken home with you.