The Hayes Lake is our newest lake on the complex & will be opening in Spring 2022. 

The lake is stocked with over 200 stunning mirrors & commons & is 6 acres in size. 

The fish stocked into The Hayes lake are young & full of potential for the future & have been supplied by John at Fishers pond fishery & Steve at White water fisheries. 

With this lake being left to settle for a year & stock fed daily it should produce some fantastic average weights immediately once opened. 

The margins & island are reed lined with a consistent depth of 7.5/8ft covering the lake. 
The bottom is clay, silt, hard gravel & each swim has plenty of underwater features to fish too.

It has one large island that is 65 meters long & will be fishable from various swims. 
We have also build 5 large gravel bars with over 200 tonnes forming these so they will be major feeding areas once opened.