Lakeview kitchen 

Lakeview kitchen offers superb home cooking with a full menu in place supplying breakfast & dinner plus hot/cold drinks.

Meals can be delivered to pegs if wanted for a £1 delivery charge when possible. 

Barbecue's can also be arranged for social events but must be pre-booked in advance. 

*Breakfast menu*

Fisherman's breakfast - £12

Large breakfast -  £9

Standard breakfast -  £7 

Baps/Sandwiches - 

Sausage x 2 - £3

Bacon x 2 - £3

Extra items can be added to all breakfasts & baps/sandwiches - 
sausage, bacon, egg, hash brown, black pudding, mushroom, beans, tomatoes or toast - £1

Evening meals. 

Cheese burger or chicken fillet burger with chips served every evening! 
There is also a different special each night of the week (please see board in cafe for options). 

Evening meals charged at £8. 

Hot & cold drinks - 

Tea/Coffee - £1
Hot chocolate - £1
Cans of pop - £1
Bottles of water - £1

Opening hours 8am-10.30am & 5pm-6pm. 

*Temporarily closed on Mondays*. 

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