. All bookings must be paid for in full & in advance via bank transfer or Paypal to secure the booking. 

. When using the shared facilities (toilet & showers) soap & hand sanitizers must be used. (These facilities will also be regularly disinfected by us). 

. We have located sanitizers in the toilet & on the outside of the fishery office/cabin area.

. All anglers must bring their own sanitizer for when using gates etc. (These will all be regularly disinfected by the management also).

. The fishery gates must be closed at all times. 

. When travelling anywhere around the fishery you must keep a minimum of 1m from other anglers or staff as per government guidelines. 
No groups of more than 6 congregating. 

. 1 angler per swim unless proof can be given that you are from the same household. 

. Peg slots will now run from 11.30am until 11am on your day of departure.
(This will give us time to disinfect nets, slings, unhooking mats, water buckets). 

. Anglers can now arrive earlier (gates open at 8am)  & walk around the fishery/choose swim but must keep a safe distance from other anglers. 
(No arriving anglers onto farm/fishery property till 6am). 

. If any angler breaks these guidelines then they can expect to wrap up & leave the site immediately without refund.

. Any anglers that are feeling unwell or had a member of their household with symptoms please stay away from the fishery & self isolate or contact your doctor.